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PMPtec Inc. South Korea joins the Guarniflon® SpA family network.

Mr. Kyung Soon PARK, CEO PMPtec Inc., and Mr. Angelo FIORONI, CEO Guarniflon® SpA have signed a distribution agreement for the South Korean market

that will help both companies improve customer service levels and promote innovation at leading semicon and digital display OEMs.

“We are excited to join forces with Guarniflon®SpA with whom we have been cooperating for several years. This agreement is the result of the sales and marketing efforts of our organizations. We expect our customers to enjoy additional growth from the synergies between PMPtec Inc., local presence, and Guarniflon®SpA global fluoroproducts vision”.

“We are excited to work with PMPTec Inc. This agreement is nothing more than a formality, as we have been operating successfully in South Korea with Mr. Park since 2014. It was about time we made this official”.

PMPtec Inc., and Guarniflon®SpA will be focusing on High Performance Films and Specialties catering the hi-tech segments without neglecting the more traditional sealing solutions product family.

PMPtec Inc., offers a wide range of polymers, chemicals and coatings to the semicon and display industries since 2002.

Guarniflon®SpA is a leading manufacturer of fluorinated solutions since 1982. In 2016 the company has introduced a number of high performance films and tapes of the FEP, PFA, ETFE, PVDF and THV families through the acquisition of PATI srl.