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Environmental Policy

General Management hereby expresses its policy towards the environment, natural resources and applicable laws in the production sites located in Castelli Calepio (BG), Ospitaletto (BS) and S. Zenone degli Ezzelini (TV) in order to ensure a continuously decreasing environmental impact.

  1. Protect nature
  2. Comply with national, regional and local environmental laws and regulations
  3. Save natural resources by avoiding waste, in particular of non-renewable sources
It is company policy to maintain a high level of vigilance by systematically monitoring compliance with plans. This is done through regular analysis and measurement in order to recommend possible measures to reduce risks, implementing prevention and continuous improvement.

It is company policy to train staff and keep them engaged by providing them with relevant information on the results achieved and on targets, ensuring that any anomalies are promptly reported and remedied.

It is company policy to raise awareness among our suppliers so that they too make adjustments in order to respect nature and the environment.

It is company policy to disseminate and disclose data outside the company (to customers, the public and the authorities) in order to make objectives and results transparent and to receive suggestions and evaluations.

All of the above is under the assumption that: "If you use more than you can possibly replenish, problems are inevitable.
If you produce more waste than the environment can handle, we will all feel the consequences.
If we want to live in harmony with the eco-system, it is crucial to understand that the way in which we have lived so far is not the only one possible, but that there is always the possibility of finding different, more sustainable paths."


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