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A new product family to compliment the existing portfolio of PTFE products within the Guarniflon Group. We’re talking about porous PTFE, a defined high performing product type having the same superior properties of PTFE for chemical and temperature resistance but with a porosity level particularly ideal for a wide range of filtration applications.

Thanks to some special raw materials, technologies and processes, Guarniflon® is able to control the porosity level in connection with the following parameters:

  • air flow rate
  • water intrusion pressure
  • average pore diameter

The porosity grade control promotes compliance with the different technical requirements from the customers with relation to the final applications such as:

  • Filter and safety technology
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Optical Metrology – Chromatography
  • Chemical, semiconductor and clean room technology

The entire production process is based on Guarniflon® quality standards, starting from the compounding unit preparing the raw materials according to the specific technical requirements.
The following production steps are monitored by the QC team up to the final quality control to approve the material in conformity with Guarniflon® Quality standards.
16 different types of TEKPORE grades are presently available from Guarniflon®, with different porous properties and thicknesses.
Please download the TEKPORE leaflet by clicking here.