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ETFE films from Pati are well known in the markets, extruded up to 2000 mm. width and from 15 to 250 micron thickness, able to match a wide range of technical requirements and applications.

Compared to glass, ETFE film is 1% the weight, transmits more light and is also resilient, self-cleaning (due to its nonstick surface) and recyclable. An example of its use is as pneumatic panels covering the outside of large sport complexes, such as football stadium Allianz Arena or the Beijing National Aquatics Centre - the world's largest structure made of ETFE film, well known also as the "Water Cube".

Guarniflon-PATI Tekfilm ETFE6200 films at present are largely used also as a barrier between people at reception desks, cashiers, working places in production plants as well as in offices, canteens and any place where the gathering of people my facilitate the diffusion of bacteria and virus. Those are just few examples of where ETFE films can be used.
Why should we select ETFE material instead of cheaper plastic materials?

Tekfilm ETFE6200 can maintain its transparency longer than other plastic materials, even if aggressive detergents or sanitizers are used to disinfect the surfaces;
Tekfilm ETFE6200 can be printed for privacy reasons in hospitals, working places or any other place where privacy or security are a must. The surface printing process is very much used also for advertising and marketing activities;
Also its modularity and flexibility to match the architectural shapes and its facility to clean are very important properties to consider when you need to select among a range of plastic materials.