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Guarniflon® SpA Announces Acquisition of PATI (P.A.T.I.)

Castelli Calepio, Bergamo, June 9th, 2016 – Guarniflon® SpA announces it has
completed the acquisition of Italy-based P.A.T.I. SpA.


Giuseppe Mazza, Guarniflon® SpA Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer commented “this acquisition will strengthen our offerings in the composite release and industrial segments, and create raw material procurement and technology synergies. P.A.T.I. SpA will continue to market thermoplastic solutions in the agricultural and architectural membranes markets.”

Luca Mazza, Guarniflon® Spa Vice President commented, “We expect significant growth in the film business especially in the automotive and aerospace industries. This acquisition allows us to meet the voice of our customers for a complete range of high performance films and adhesives.
P.A.T.I. SpA brings over 54 years of excellence in advanced thermoplastic polymers for the architecture, general industrial and agriculture applications.”